Visually Impaired Equipment

Visually impaired devices include blind sticks, which are light, flexible and easy to carry; The cutting surface design of the handle is designed to prevent the blind rod from slipping when the blind rod is placed. At the same time, it is convenient for users to grasp the blind rod by combining the wrist strap and anti-slip particles. The rod body is covered with reflective film, and the rod tip is non-slip insulated. Also includes a visually impaired audio reading system, at first it support tsinghua whole series of braille point show editor articles immediately into the read braille code touch (with), a key the printed text can be translated into mandarin speech output, fast start, the whole process of the voice prompt, easier operation, support the automatic layout analysis, convenient to read newspapers, books and magazines, ultra-thin design, compact size, easy operation, provide a reliable quality guarantee and improve the quality of maintenance, zero margin scanning, more suitable for the book information. Digital archive, scan and save files. One button automatic reading support automatic intelligent recognition

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